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Rotary kiln bauxite supplier

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As the name suggests, rotary kiln bauxite is the bauxite produced by rotary kiln. There are three kinds of kilns for bauxite production mainly, rotary kiln, shaft kiln and round kiln.  Comparing with other two kinds, rotary kiln bauxite is caldined more evenly, benefits from the contnuous rotary movement of the kiln body. Rotary kiln bauxite is used mainly for Refractory industry, it is the essential raw material for high quality refractory product, such as corundum brick, Zircon slide gate block.

Specification for Rotary kiln bauxite

 Item name RKB-85  RKB-86  RKB-87  RKB-88  RKB-90 
 Al2O3 min  85%  86%   87%  88%  90%
 SiO2 max  9.0%  8.0%  7.0%   6.0%   4.0% 
 Fe2O3 max  2.0%  1.8%   1.8%   1.8%   1.6% 
 TiO2 max  4.0%  3.8%  3.8%   3.8%   3.8% 
 K2O+Na2O  0.30%  0.25%   0.25%  0.25%  0.25%
 CaO+MgO  0.50%  0.45%  0.45%  0.45%  0.45%
 B.D min gm/cc  3.10  3.15   3.25   3.30  3.40
 Moistrue max   0.5%   0.5%   0.5%   0.5%   0.5%
 Shipment by sea by sea by sea by sea by sea
 Package  Jumbo  Jumbo  Jumbo  Jumbo  Jumbo


Available grain size:

0-1mm;  1-3mm;  3-5mm;  5-8mm;  80mesh;  100mesh;  200mesh;  325mesh. 

Sinocean Industrial Limited is an investor, producer and supplier of calcined bauxite & related products to a wide variety of industries throughout the world.

If you interested in bauxite knowledge or purchasing calcined bauxite, please feel free to contact us.

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