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Introduction of Ceramic Foundry Sand

Views: 5826 times Updated :2019-04-04

  Ceramic foundry sand, also known as fused ceramic granules, is a high-grade alternative to quartz sand. It have the advantages of low thermal expansion rate, high heat resistance, vulnerability, and excellent reusability.

  Thanks to the appearance of "ceramic foundry sand", the casting environment and the quality of casting has been improved, the defects of castings have been reduced, the yield of castings have been improved, and the parts that have been complicated in the past and difficult to cast have been completed.

  Nowadays, due to its superior performance, "ceramic foundry sand" has been recognized by domestic and foreign casting partners, and its use is also expanding. Resin sand, water glass sand, clay sand, lost foam, V method, etc. We would like it to bloom, service and contribute to casting!

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