Calcined bauxite
Refractory grade bauxite SNR88

Refractory grade bauxite SNR88

Refractory grade bauxite

Calcined bauxite is produced by sintering/calcining of low iron, low alkali containing raw bauxites at temperatures of 1600 - 1800 degree Celsius. In this calcination process the high refractory mineral phases corundum and mullite are formed. Refractory grade bauxite has high refractoriness, good mechanical strength and moderate slag resistance. Therefore calcined bauxite is one of the most important raw materials for the production of shaped and unshaped refractories for the steel industry, foundries, glass and cement plants.



Refractory applications remain the premiere non-metal market for calcined bauxite which is mixed with binders and pressed, extruded, cast and shaped into a variety of forms that are then dried and transfered to kilns for firing. The calcined refractory grade bauxite is also used in unfired monolithic refractories.

It should be noted that another source of materials suitable for refractory use is the calcined bauxite used to produce brown fused alumina, which has higher mechanical and chemical corrosion resistance than other high alumina refractory raw materials. 


Specification for SNR88 Calcined bauxite

Chemical Analysis                Phisycal Data

Al2O3: min 88%                  Colour: light yellow/dark grey

Fe2O3: max 1.6%               Particle shape: Angular

SiO2: max 5.5%                 Bulk density: min 3.25 g/cm3

TiO2: max 4%                    Moisture content: max 0.3%


Available grain size 

0-1mm; 1-3mm; 3-5mm; 5-8mm; 16-30mesh; 30-60mesh; 120mesh; 200mesh; 325mesh or as customer's requirement. 



1MT Jumbo bag

Standard exporting package for sea transportation or air delivery

Special packing requirement is acceptable


SINOCEAN available refractory grade bauxite 
























































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