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Advantages of Ceramic foundry sand

Views: 5824 times Updated :2019-04-29

  1.Ceramic foundry sand has a high refractory temperature and can meet the refractoriness requirements of various castings.

  2.Cearmic foundry has a nearly spherical shape, has good fluidity and filling peformance, and the amount of binder to be added is also low, which is noe only economical, but also the castings are not easily damaged after pouring.

  3.Ceramic foundry sand has the characteristics of low thermal expansion. For castings, which can prevent casting defects caused by the expansion of molding sand, and can improve the dimensional accuracy of complex castings.

  4.The high strength and low damage of ceramic foundry sand will not break the sand when it is recycled and reused. The recycling rate is high and the amount of dust is small, which can improve the environment and reduce the foundry waste. This is in line with the environmental protection requirements of the times.

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