Calcined bauxite
Porcelain Insulator Bauxite SNP85

Porcelain Insulator Bauxite SNP85

Porcelain Insulator Bauxite

Electrical procelain insulator has high requirements about the mechanical properties, electrical properties, environmental performance (cold and hot, squalidity, aging resistance, etc.). Using calcined bauxite as the material could meet this requirement perfectly. Procelain insulator bauxite has good intensity and its long-term performance could also reduce the manufacturing cost. It also has well insulativity and mechanical strength, both its rigidity and heat stability are higher than others, its hot and cold impact performance is also superior.


Most high voltage insulators producers choose calcined bauxite powder as necessary raw materials for manufacturing electrical porcelain insulators used for electric line, power station, protector and switches etc. The porcelain insulator that burns by high-temperature firing from the bauxite, kaolin, feldspar and other natural minerals is widely applied to electric power industry system. To produce the porcelain, calcined bauxite is used instead of alumina. The simultaneous addition of clay and kaolin, in each case containing more than 5% by weight of foreign metal oxide inclusions, results in a porcelain which, compared to an alumina porcelain of the same mechanical strength, can be produced at significantly lower cost. The porcelain is suitable in particular for applications for highly mechanically loaded components used in electrical insulation. 


Specification for SNP85 calcined bauxite

Chemical Analysis              Phisycal Date

Al2O3: min 85%                 

Fe2O3: max 2.5%                Particle shape: powder

Sio2: max 7.7%                   Specific Gravity: 3.80 g/cm3

Tio2: max 4.0%                   Moisture content: 0.1%


Available grain size

98% passing min at 325mes



Usually 1MT Jumbo bag

Standard exporting package for sea transportation or air delivery

Special packing requirement is acceptable

SINOCEAN Available electrical procelain bauxite  

 Item name



 Al2O3 min



 Fe2O3 max



 TiO2 max



 SiO2 max






 Specific Gravity




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