Calcined bauxite
Abrasive grade bauxite SNA83

Abrasive grade bauxite SNA83

 Abrasive Grade Bauxite

Abrasive grade bauxite, the feedstock for brown fused alumina, is prepared from low silic, low alkali material that is alcined at temperatures of approximately 1100 C. The minimum alumina content of 80% on a calcined basis is normally required for this application. And the upper limit on the silica content is 5%. Titania is ideally in the range of 2% to 4%. And low concentrations of alkalies are a requisite in order to minimize the formation of a glass phase. Besides these strict chemical specifications, particle size is especially critical for abrasive production. The upper limit on particle size is 50mm with the lower threshold set at a 100 mesh screen size.



Some calcined bauxite is used directly as an inexpensive abrasive product, but by far the largest amount is used as the feedstock for the manufacture of brown used alumina. Brown fused alumina is produced by the electrofusion of calcined bauxite in electric arc furnaces at temperatures in excess of 2000 C.


Specification for SNA83 abrasive bauxite

Chemical Analysis                Phisycal Data

Al2O3: min 83%                 Colour: light yellow

Fe2O3: max 2.5%                Moisture content: max 0.05%

SiO2: 7.5-9.0%                  LOI: max 0.5%

TiO2: max 4.2%                  

CaO: max 0.8%                   

Na2O+K2O: max 0.5%

CaO+MgO: max 1.0% 


Available grain size 

0-50mm or as customer's requirement. 



Usually 1MT Jumbo bag

Standard exporting package for sea transportation or air delivery

Special packing requirement is acceptable


 SINOCEAN Available Abrasive grade bauxite:

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