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China’s crackdown on polluting factories hits export of refractory material

Views: 750 times Updated :2018-01-05

Since the beginning of May.2017, Pollution control measures in China have intensified. Shanxi and Henan provinces has shut down most bauxite mines. As we are known, Some refractory industry sources almost half of its raw material from China and is now facing a shortage, which could impact the construction of railway tracks, buildings, automobiles, trains and ships.

Refractory products are vital element , such as making metals, glass and ceramics, production of cement and petrochemical. India imports refractory raw material including graphite, fused and calcined alumina and high-grade clays from China.

So  all refractory industry all looking for a new supplier and new business chance.

China professional manufacturer of Calcined Bauxite Sinocean still have enough Stock.

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