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Research on new casting material- Ceramic foundry sand

Views: 1310 times Updated :2019-03-28

  The casting has been a seriouspollution of the environment industry. In order to improve the quality of castings, reduce production costs and improve the environment, a new study of foundry sand - ceramic foundry sand, is imminent.

  By adding the electric arc furnace containing Al2O3 45%~90% raw bauxite ore, the high temperature released by the arcof the arc discharge, the raw meterial bauxite melted liquid. The liquid flows out of the furnace, impose its 70~85m/s to air pressure, the liquid material with the strong wind crushing, cooled to obtain spherical or nearly spherical shape, smooth sand performance. This sand has high fire resistance, low thermal expansion, low damage and high recycling rate and other features. These features are received by manufactures welcome, and it also meets the environmental requirements of the times.

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